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Preventing sexual harassment and MSH/MST requires more ...

Simple models, training that offends, or people talking about it in small groups doesn't work. In fact, it can make things WORSE.

Personnel at all levels need to learn how to communicate about incidents, and understand how they can prevent them.

And there has to be a post-training support structure in place for refresh learning and coaching/counseling.

Customized services

  • Organizational assessment of sexual harassment training and processes.
  • Research and consulting on what works.
  • Executive briefings and consulting for executives or command staff.
  • Leadership training for management or officers and NCO's.
  • General training for all personnel.
  • Specific training for entry-level personnel.
  • Specialized investigation and coaching training for HR, or for JAG, IG, and SAVI personnel.
  • Train-the-trainer education for self-sufficiency.
  • Personalized situation analysis and coaching for investigators, offenders, and targets.
  • Live and recorded T4™ Video e-learning solutions.
  • NOTE: All training uses T4™ instructional design and delivery best practices.

Proven unique concepts and tools

  • Sexual harassment training using T4™ techniques
  • Conditions fostering sexual harassment, and MSH/MST
  • Cooper's 6 Levels of Sexual Harassment™
  • Target and offender profiles
  • Cooper's 8 Offender Stereotypes™
  • Instigator Stereotypes™
  • Cultures of harassment
  • The "need" criteria vs. "What's wrong with ...?" defense
  • Conditions fostering SH and MST
  • The male-female “perception gap”
  • Gender and "situational propriety"
  • The body language of harassment
  • Zones of touching
  • Early warning signs
  • Harassment and consensual relationships
  • Common investigation mistakes techniques