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CooperComm, Inc.

Founded in 1976, CooperComm, Inc. is a training and consulting firm

with extensive experience in providing sexual harassment training

to a wide range of private and public-sector organizations.

CooperComm’s research and classroom experience

delivering hundreds of sexual harassment training seminars

resulted in the development of an exclusive, proven set of concepts and tools

for the education and prevention of sexual harassment and sexual trauma.  

Ken Cooper

Ken has over 35 years of experience as a trainer and consultant. A recognized expert in the field of interpersonal communication and learning. Ken has delivered over 2,500 seminars, and has written or appeared in over 600 video-based e-learning programs.

Ken has trained thousands of front-line workers and leaders on the prevention of sexual harassment, and his research and classroom discussions form the basis for CooperComm’s unique sexual harassment and MST prevention tools.

Captain Bryan Cuny, USN, Retired

Bryan is a Marine and a Navy Top Gun FA-18 fighter pilot, and career officer of 25 years. He was deployed on 10 different aircraft carriers, and engaged in combat operations during Desert Storm, Bosnia-Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq II.

Bryan has held a variety of leadership positions through the transition from an all-male combat force to an integrated crew. This included assignments such as managing 750 men and women officers and enlisted personnel in the close confines of a warship at sea, and managing male and female military, government service, and contractor personnel as Director of Operations of Navy Region Southeast.

As an officer, Bryan has experienced the full range of sexual harassment and military sexual trauma training, and has been responsible for its implementation.  

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