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Prevent sexual harassment and MST

What's going on?

Many times, sexual harassment training doesn't work. In fact, it often makes the environment WORSE.

Sexual harassment training, whether private sector or the military, has to go beyond the standard legalities and policies.

People need to know what to DO, how to ACT, and what the behavioral guidelines are.

Our Approach

To truly prevent sexual harassment and military sexual trauma (MST), you also need to address all the supporting behavioral tools and concepts.

We explain critical concepts including: the male/female perception gap, situational propriety, body language, zones of touching, "target" signals, denial attitudes, culture disconnects, emotional reactions, and conditions fostering sexual harassment.

We provide tools such as: Cooper's 6 Levels of Harassment™, Cooper's 8 Offender Stereotypes™, target profiles, offender profiles, 13 early warning signs, rules for investigations, how to counsel offenders, how to coach leaders, and more.

This makes it possible for everyone to specifically explain and discuss incidents, and to help prevent them from happening in the future.

You need to talk to us!

We're the thought leaders. We augment the standard dry, legalistic discussion to provide unique and proven concepts and behavioral tools that are proven to change people's behavior.

We're experienced. We've been working with organizations for over 35 years on how to prevent sexual harassment using best-practice training and HR processes.

We're experts. Our book, Stop It Now: How targets and managers can end sexual harassment, is one of the first volumes to address the topic.

We've also written sexual harassment T3 training for Trainer's Workshop magazine, and authored online video-based training programs for

We're effective. Our consulting and training is enlightening, engaging, impactful ... and gets measurable results.

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